Media Industries SIG sponsored panels at SCMS15

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The SIG is proud to sponsor the following eight panels, though we’d also like to acknowledge the many wonderful panels submitted for consideration. The media industry studies is well represented at SCMS, so please consider attending all related panels.

A handy one-page flyer listing all the sponsored sessions is available here.*

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CFP: Media Industries Journal, priority deadline 4/1

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Media Industries *Call for Papers*
Priority Consideration Deadline:          April 1, 2015
Submit through the online portal:

*Media Industries* seeks quality research articles for priority consideration in the publication of the second issue of our second volume. We accept submissions on a rolling basis, but will prioritize submissions received by *April 1, 2015* for our Winter 2015/2016 issue.

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Third Issue of Media Industries Journal Now Live

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We are pleased to announce that the third issue of Media Industries is now online.

About Our Third Issue

Issue 3 is the final in a series of three issues to be published during the last year that features essays authored by members of our esteemed editorial board. Each of the board essays assesses the state of the field of media industries studies and articulates a vision for the scope of the field and the journal.

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CFP — Screen Policies: Geographies, Economics, Technologies

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Call for Chapters: Screen Policies: Geographies, Economics, Technologies

Editors: Nolwenn Mingant (Université de Nantes, France); David Newman (Simon Fraser University, Canada); Cecilia Tirtaine (Université Sorbonne nouvelle-Paris 3, France)

In 1996, Albert Moran published a seminal overview of film policy in different parts of the world. Since then, the screen media environment has significantly changed. Globalization has made the screen media environment less constrained geographically by impacting the production and distribution of screen media contents. Technologies have also revolutionized the media environment. Distribution platforms have evolved: film is now frequently digital; television content is streamed over the Internet to a variety of different screens; digital games have become a much larger and more ubiquitous medium played on a variety of devices, including cellphones. Growing synergies have appeared between different media, leading to the idea of ‘transmedia content’ and ‘media convergence.’

Government and industry policies have adapted to this changed environment. Film policies have been the first to adapt. Incentive wars have intensified between different regions across the world seeking to attract internationally mobile productions. Most States have continued to worry over suitability of some content for their local audiences, as reflected through censorship and ratings schemes. The layering of policies over the intranational, national and supranational policy regimes has led to more complex situations. Measures to protect culture and to nurture local screen industries have been increasingly challenged under international trade regimes. Whereas previously film was at the centre of cultural policies globally, those policies are now starting to incorporate other forms of screen media, notably video games.

Following the success of the CinEcoSA research cycle on Screen Policies (see, we are now calling for chapter proposals for a peer- reviewed edited volume to be entitled Screen Policies: Geographies, Economics and Technologies. This volume will explore and interrogate the shifts and changes in both government and industry-based screen policies over the past 30 years.

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CFP: Special Issue of Convergence about Connected Viewing

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Convergence:  Special themed issue — Vol 22, no 3 (August 2016)

Connected Viewing: Multi-Platform Media in the Digital Era

Guest Editors: Jennifer Holt and Karen Petruska

This special issue aims to bring together researchers from film, television, internet, and game studies to examine evolving trends in connected viewing, an evolution in how screen media is created, circulated, and consumed. Specifically referring to a multi-platform entertainment experience, connected viewing also relates to a larger trend across the media industries to integrate digital technology and socially networked communication with traditional screen media practices. This special issue will explore connected viewing as a crucial frame through which we can understand contemporary media in the digital era.

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CFP: TVLT #77 – Performance and the Body

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CFP: The Velvet Light Trap #77 – Performance and the Body                                                                                 

Deadline: January 15, 2015Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.42.38 PM

Historically, studies of performance have often been tied to star images, focusing on issues of celebrity in professional, public, and private spaces. As a result, a large body of research has explored how the star is constructed through extratextual discourses and how this off-screen persona may shape perceptions of on-screen performance. However, scholarly attention to performers has been shifting from star image and celebrity to acting and performance. Several collections on film acting and performance – most recently Cynthia Baron and Sharon Marie Carnicke’s Reframing Screen Performance (2008) and Aaron Taylor’s Theorizing Film Acting (2012) – have extended our knowledge of the historical evolution of acting practices. The editors of The Velvet Light Trap would like to further the ongoing conversation surrounding performance studies by focusing attention on the relationship between performance and the body and the ways in which the body is being performed across the mediums of film, television, and new media.

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Second Issue of Media Industries Journal Now Live

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We are pleased to announce that the second issue of Media Industries is now online. Visit us at

About Our Second Issue

Issue 2 is the second in a series of three issues to be published this year that features essays authored by our esteemed editorial board. Each of the board essays discusses the state of the field of media industries studies.

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